October 2017 League Rankings

Now the tournament has finished I have updated the rankings with the top cut matches included. These will use the adjusted ranks (so if you beat someone higher than you then you gain more rating and lose to somsone lower then you would drop by more). So for the majority there will be no major change in position except for those who loss to the lowest seed bill_jr...The unluckiest top cut was perhaps GravyK who was the only bottom seed to get knocked out in the first round so his rating dropped to the 1500-1600 range whereas all the others hover much above.

After the full ratings list (just shown in order) I have added a top ten players of every clan.

So finally thanks for a great league to the league admins, the players and to all those who casted/ajudicated. Here's to more of the same moving on..but better with hopefully me winning more...More a personal aim admittedly.

As promised here are the top 10 players from each clan. Players who made the top cut are shown with a green background and those in the bottom half of the table with a grey background. 








Though any analysis is almost doomed from the start you can say that Crane was popular and performed well especially under the better players, Lion did not perform well which made bill_jr's final run even more impressive though I recall players (on the Crane discord) discussing how they thought Lion was stronger than people thought but people were not playing the clan. Phoenix is also a strong clan but Scorpion might be the strongest in general play but both might lose an edge against top notch players with the other clans. Unicorn, bless it, was the weakest though this may also be due to lack of players (not even having enough players to make a top  10). Crab seemed to be in the middle of the pack but also performed well in expert hands. Anyway those who like stats can draw their own conclusions.

I will carry on updating league ratings as this (and any other relevant competition carries on). Players who are inactive from a relevant competition for or more than three months will be dropped from the lists in a 'quater cull'. Finally if any player, who is on the list, is entering the next under a different name can they message me here in the comments or on the FFG site or on discord with your old and new name so I can keep the result in sync (cheers).


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