November 2017 League Ratings

After much slow entry here are the adjusted discord league ELO ratings including the next raft of pre-season games.

A few things  to note. Any game where the name changed is likely to be missed (if the name does not match the league sheet then it wont be included unless its an obvious adjustment i.e superdave is reported as Kaiu superdave. if superdave was reported as funkyshoemaster then, well, this may be not included) and there were several that fit that category.

The next point is that the ratings only include indicated games that occurred. All the auto wins from players who dropped are not included. Though if anyone auto conceded earlier then that would be

Finally inactive players will only get dropped after the third missed league so the list includes players from season 1 who did not play in season 2.

Thanks for reading...

So first up the entire list from top to bottom

And what more people are keen on the current top 10's by clan.









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