Season Two: Half way report

At the halfway point it is perhaps time for another league wide review of what is/is not happening. Most pods are live now so I will (gulp) just run through all.

An encouraging message for pods fourteen and sixteen

Pod One: Games played! Celebrations around the world! The key here is that qkieu and Sotomatic have both played the key three games so as not to drop. Therefore allowing no more games are played they auto win vs everyone else except each other. They will have to play that match to decide who is 1st and 2nd. Of the rest Kiss Shot, Sillyham and Tenchuu will all three gain wins against the non active last two putting the play off positions in open play.

Pod Two:  The top places are currently split between Heinzel and Wyldwen. Since Wyldwen appears to have won their own personal game he looks better placed for 1st place if the end score is identical. Currently Wizard Lizard, Btrain and Demagoue seem most likely choices for the playoffs.

Pod Three: Like a lot of others we have two dominant leaders - Jokingly and Cody. If no more games are plated then Bayushi Yamaneko and levirexjones (gets the auto win against Walloon due to amount of games played so equals on score then gets the tie break, all conditional on no more played or arranged)

Pod Four:  The clear leader is Shopsuro Wild though if he loses his game to Asahina Neph then the 1st and 2nd will split. Many choices here for the play off places

Pod Five: Sashimi Sahimi the Dragon with the name no one dares speak, or spell, correctly is the dominant player here. Ozil Goazil is currently in 2nd but if any one else plays any games then that could change

Pod Six: I cant see MindsDesire losing 1st place and currently Kaza is in 2nd.

Pod Seven: Not a lot played but due to games played ravrin is currently the leader with GoblinGuide second. If Goblin carries on his win streak that will change and switch places fast.

Pod Eight: Meh, results all over the place Shiba Inu is the current pod leader beyond that who knows

Pod Nine: Hatamo Joe is the current 1st place player with only bayushi yuuji possibly being able to topple him from his perch

Pod Ten: Pathetic amount of games played. If nothing else happens Shiba Takeo wins and every other player gets dropped.

Pod Eleven: Togashi Komhl is the 1st placed winner and can't be overtaken now. Calimsha looks like 2nd place

Pod Twelve: This pod looks destined to need a play off for the top three players. Micah (5-1) yaba (5-1) and tsuke (5-1) have played and beaten each other so extra games may be needed.

Pod Thirteen: Kingsley is unsurprisingly the dominant player here. There are a mass of 2-1's which make it difficult to call anything else

Pod Fourteen:  1 game played. All will drop on Monday if nothing changes. I blow rasberries in their general direction

Pod Fifteen: This pod looks like another three way battle at the top. We have KP on 4-1, Jubei on 4-2 and Pekala on 3-2. Beyond that not much to see

Pod Sixteen: See pod fourteen

Pod Seventeen: Chut has this with 5-1. Surprisingly 2nd place is currently with The littlest weeb (3-1) and Ltmechanicus  might miss auto-qualification with 2-2. He and Dahresz would probably go to the play offs though

Pod Eighteen: humblestmonk is the pod leader 6-0 and cant be taken out. Erik (crane version) 6-1 is also clear 2nd place. Playoff bound player are probably Adam H  2-3  and Etaywah 2-1

Pod Nineteen: Several players in a messy middle morass - Isawa Euken 4-1, fordream 4-0 and Athos 3-2 are the current dominant players.

Pod Twenty:  The 1st place goes to Isawa Contrast Arashi with an impressive 7-0. 2nd place 'should' be kiramode on 5-0 though Goateh on 4-1 may end up with the same win/loss and be playoff bound

Pod Twenty One:  If nothing else changes sruman 2-1 is the winner and Kakita Katai 0-3 is 2nd as being the only players to have played 3 games the rest will all drop

Pod Twenty Two: Another mixed up pod. Toredory 4-1, bill_jr 4-1 and SirLargeness 4-1 are the clear dominant players. Since bill beat Toreadory who beat SirLargeness who beat bill this could also end up in a play off.

So there is the brief picture less run through. The next update will be the full results. Thanks for reading.


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