Season Two: Pod Results Part Three

More results lurching over to victory like thick treacle....

Pod Two

Pod two was nice and active with only 1 player drop. My prediction was for a single player - Heinzel. Who happily managed to make the play  offs so 'weeeee' for me. Weird pod though in having 3 scorpions and 3 phoenix.

The single recomendation was due to the large number of new players in the pod who could be good or they could play like me. As it stands the easy winner was the Phoenix player Demagogue.

1st Demagogue (Phoenix, 1500, 7-0) who won an impressive six matches along with the free win for the drop.
2nd Wyldwen (Scorpion, 1500, 5-2) Same record as Heinzel but had the hth

Play off bound

Heinzel (Scorpion, 1653, 5-2)
Wizard Lizard (Dragon, 1500, 5-2) Wizard Lizard had the hth verses BTrain so pips him to the post by an inch.

Pod Seven

Another pod populated with mainly new players. This one had a much drop rate  of 37.5%. My prediction was spot on mainly as I refused to make one with so little information.

1st and 2nd is not quite decided. If Arroyo wins his last game then he is 1st as he would have beaten GoblinGuide. If he loses or does not play then those positions are reversed. The key fact here is that Arroyo is a Unicorn player! and will make the winners cup (practically the only guaranteed Unicorn player) God knows what he will be like with a competitive clan...

1st (at the moment with a day to go) GoblinGuide (Lion, 1500, 6-0)
2nd (see above) Arroyo1325 (Unicorn, 1500, 5-1)

Play off bound

Click5 (Scorpion, 1375, 5-2)
Lockewood (Scorpion, 1500, 4-3)

Pod Eight

With a 37.5% drop rate, pod eight was essentially a battle for placement. I made a single prediction here of Shiba Inu. Which turned out to be accurate as he is one of the top cut players.

Like the previous pod the 1st/2nd places will switch if the lower placed player beats the top placed (allowing they play)

1st  Shiba Inu (Phoenix, 1724, 6-1)
2nd Mirumoto Kai (Dragon (1500, 6-0)

Play off bound

Tenerim (Lion, 1500, 5-2)
Kevin (Dragon, 1500, 3-3)

Pod Seventeen

My prediction here was that this was a mixed pod but Chuterve and ltmechanicus should win. As that's exactly what happened extra beer for me. Lots of Crane mirror matches in this pod which must have made it weird for everyone else.

1st Chuterve (Crane, 1767, 6-1)
2nd ltmechanicus (Crane, 1798, 5-2)

Play off bound

action_johnny (Crab, 1500, 4-3)
Aki (Crane, 1590, 4-3)

Pod Twenty One

Another large drop rate of 37.5% spoilt this pod. My pre-season prediction was Katai with Mozi, VoidCircuit  and Naukas all up there. As VoidCircuit and Naukas dropped that buggered up that prediction but both the others made the play offs so I will count it as another win for my predictive powers..

As with several of these first place could switch if the lower placed beats the higher placed in a final game

1st (currently) Hida MoZi  (Crab, 1654, 6-1)
2nd shenful (Scorpion, 1646, 6-0)

Play off bound

sruman (Lion, 1646, 5-1)
Kakita Katai (Crane, 1733, 3-4)

So there we have it. A large portion of the other pods have not declared (around ten) with plenty of games to go and bugger all time to play them in so they will have strange results. Next post will be the December 2017 ratings adjustments and then the final top cut and play offs player lists.

When the following season starts I expect the blog will be following the league cup far closer than the pods. I also play on a single (continually updating) post for casted games for the cup so people can use that to move around the games..


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