Season Two: Results Part Two

More pods are completing. Much like racing snails with nowhere to go...

Pod One

Our next completing pod is pod one.  An intermediate pod for activity it had a large 50% drop rate. This though does mean that whatever you did every player who did play was guarentead to get through to at least the play-offs. A quick peruse of my predictions shows I predicted qkieu would win first place with either Tenchuu of Lonelily coming second. Well I was correct about qkieu who won easily but as Tenchuu and Lonelily both dropped (bah) I think I can be absolved over the second.

Anyway the final results were

1st place qkieu (Dragon, 1807)  with 4-0 actual and 7-0 with drops wins handily.
2nd place Sotomatic (Phoenix, 1500 - new player) with 3-1 actual and 6-1 with drops

Their last climatic battle to determine first place has been casted here. Nice and short due to a god draw.

That leaves the two players play off bound. Since qkieu and Sotomatic won out that means that both the remaining players automatically get through

Kiss_Shot (Crane, 1470) with 0-2 actual and 4-2 with drops
Sillyham (Lion, 1353) with 0-3 actual and 3-3 with drops

I wish them luck as they are likely to be paste under the feet of some of the more competitive players who got through to the playoffs from more active pods….

Pod Nine

Next up we have pod nine. This pod was mixed up by the late drop of one of the better players (TheGreatWestie) who could not make the cup, or something. If this changes then all this will be thrown in the air but for the moment we are presuming he has pulled out..

So as always lets see what I predicted...I went for Hatamo Joe (Woop!) and theGreatWestie (oops). Though to be fair he would have hit the playoffs.

So long time league players Bayushi Yuuji (Scorpion, 1522 , 7-0) did extremely well winning out. Hatamo Joe (Crab, 1720, 6-1) also had a strong finish and both these are automatically going to grace the league.

The two playoff positions are not quite settled though in actuality they probably are...

Definitiely going to the play-offs is Finster27 (Crab, 1430, 3-4) because he has the tiebreaker vs the other two.

Next most likely is Yfkes (Phoenix, 1500, 3-4) his placement though depends on Kakita Leniel (Crane, 1500, 1-4) IF Leniel both plays and wins both his remaining games then Leniel, having the tie breaker is through. If he loses either game then he wont.

Nice active pod with zero completion drops so well done to all the players.

Pod Ten

Our next pod is less active with 50% dropping. My prediction was suitably vague with Nomen and (the dropping) Stayven so we will chalk that up to a predicting win for me.

Auto top cut players are

Bayushi Nomen (Scorpion, 1805 6-0)
Hiruma Damabiya (Crab, 1469, 6-0)

They still need to play each other to decide who is 1st seed and who is 2nd.

Play off bound are the remaining two active players

Shiba Takeo (Phoenix, 1353, 5-2)
Kakita MarbleToad (Crane, 1500, 4-3)

None of the active players had much of  a chance to show that they have got due to the drops so lets leave this pod there.

Pod Twenty Two

Only one  player drop here and otherwise another nice active pod

This one beat my predictions. Showing a consistent error I predicted bill.jr and Erik (Lion version). Since Erik dropped this showed my mastery in picking at least one drop in my winners picks.

Anyway Toreadory (Lion,1500, 6-1) wins the pod and is in the winners cup with SirLargeness (Scorpion, 1601, 6-1) in 2nd place due to the headtohead record.

Play off bound players are equally simple with Brendon (Crab, 1500, 5-2) first and Bill.jr (Lion, 1850, 5-2) following.

So in total we have had seven pods complete with 14! still to be decided....


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