Season Two: Week One Report

A full week in the league has now passed. Some pods are proving recalcitrant at playing (pods one, ten, fourteen,  sixteen I am looking at you and making ineffective tutting noises). With others proving quite vibrant. To be frank I know which pod I would rather be in and that is one where everyone gets playing fast.

(the spreadsheets below should be self explanatory. For those who want to know the columns are
Player Id
Player Rating
Current Player Clan
Group Id
table of results, red loss, blue win, yellow themselves, pink 1 report loss, light blue 1 report win

Ratings with a background in green are know very strong players, yellow for strong players just to see who the big dogs in each group are)

Anyway even at this early stage some early leaders are starting to appear.

In Pod six the 'Pod of Death' MindsDesire a high ranked Dragon Player seems to be running away with the pod with an impressive six victories and no losses (one to play) at this early stage.

Pod Twelve looks like it is turning into anyone's game as no less than three players have three wins (and only one of those has played a fourth and lost) in Daidoji_micah (Crane, obviously) the Scorpion yaba and the Lion Tsuke

In Pod Eighteen an unexpected contender in humblestmonk (Scorpion, bah spit) has started very strongly. I'm playing him tonight though as I am playing to my usual standards (beat anyone who doesn't play in the league and lose to anyone who does,  I am not holding out much hope)

Pod twenty also seems to be going in kiramode (Lion) and Contrast (Dragons) direction.

There have been a few elephant killers with some of the big names taking losses. Whether these were caused by luck, deck mismatches or talent is not known but so far we have seen Anemone (Scorp current rank 1803) losing to a 1500 ranked Crane (Suzume Jaku) that'll hurt the ratings! Erik (Crane version) ranked 2nd in the league at a rating of 1861 losing to the aforementioned humblestmonk (currently 1462 but that will shoot upwards if his current win streak continues) and finally bill.jr, runner up and slayer of the gods in the 1st league who at 1850 has taken two losses from SirLargeness (1601 Scorpion) and  (brendon 1500 Crab). Bill was the lowest ranked of the 1st league finalists so has a history of more mixed results in swiss and has proven more dominant versus better players so who knows. .

It is all shaping up quite nicely :)


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