December 2017 League Ratings

So finally we have the ratings for the end of December 2017. I have added columns indicating if the players rating has climbed (in green) or decreased (red) or stayed the same (black). This just compares the new rating with the players last rating so players who did not play in this season will still see an adjustment.

As always I will show the entire list first then add some ramblings before the clan top tens.

So Kingsley retains his crown of top player with MindsDesire very, very close behind. Several players are about to break into the 'expert' category. Allowing the winners cup goes their way. You will notice that players like Kingsley and qkieu had small advances even though they won the majority (or all) their current set of games. This is because the ratings system expected them to win those games so their increase is smaller (and any losses will hurt far more). This is where the winners cup (should) help. Playing lower ranked players (and most will be lower ranked) will only help slightly. To get to the really high ratings senior players have to beat other senior players repeatedly. So doing well in the league for any of the top twenty could really push their ratings high.

Now onto the top 10's. These are more for amusement value as there will be lots of people who have changed clan (and the system just tracks first known clan) and some who change clan could become quite high/low in the new. 

Crab Top 10 Players

So Joe retains his crown as top Crab player though Jokingly looks like he might be a serious contender. The previous top Crab (MindsDesire) switched to Dragon (and I noticed) as otherwise he would have remained second..

Crane Top 10 Players

Erik (Crane version) is on top with a very healthy 1854. The freshest face on the list is Suzume Jaku who started this season and has done well right off.

Dragon Top 10 Players

The top two players are both Dragon and Kingsley has increased his hold on the top. MindsDesire though is only 13 points behind. You'll note that MindsDesire's deviation is lower than Kingsleys (probably caused by bill.jr's upset of Kingsley in season one still making waves).

Lion Top 10 Players

The former number one Lion bill_jr (should be bill.jr but that really screws up the grids formatting) had more of a torrid time in Season two but that matches his historic tendency (already) to have mixed results in the qualifying rounds then stomp over higher rated players at the elite level. We will soon see if he can repeat the feat in the winners cup. Therefore Lion have a new leader - Kiramode with an impressive 1801. Any score over 1800 is impressive and any over 1600 shows a really good player so Lion compared to last month have made a huge leap (10th place went to someone with a default 1500 rating last month)

Phoenix Top 10 Players

Phoenix number 1 (qkieu) last month has increased his lead at the top by a considerable margin. This clans average ratings for the top players is in the same range as before but generally higher.

Scorpion Top 10 Players

I am fairly certain I have spelt the top players name wrong (fordream?) but a 269 increase shows he is A - a new player this season (at a guess) and B - He won out in a very strong pod.

Unicorn Top 10 Players

The Unicorn have had a torrid time of it but can at least make a top 10 now. These resuls are actually a little imbalanced due to the ratings drop rules. As I noted much earlier players who lose tend to drop more so we have also tended to shed more Unicorn players. Any player who misses three seasons in a row becomes inactive and will be removed from the next months ratings. On this list the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th (possibly may be wrong about this one) look like 1st season players who dropped. Therefore all these players without doing anything will jump 3-4 places next month.

So there we have it. Next month around seventy players from season one will be made inactive so there will be plenty of movement at the top along with what should be an exciting winners cup to really test the mettle of the best players. As always thanks for reading...


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