January 2018 League Ratings

It is that time again! As the ratings start to mature one thing that is becoming blatantly obvious is that those at the very top have precarious positions that it is really hard to maintain and harder still to increase and those at the bottom are falling far less....

My second major announcement is that we have our first 'Candidate Master' (using ELO nomenclature) in Kingsley breaching the 2000. This is a perfect example of how hard it is to stay on top. He went undefeated in his pods and went all the way through to the semis before getting knocked out by a lower ranked player (they are all lower ranked...) with the loss to a lower ranked wiping out the  minuscule gains of beating much more lower ranked peeps. To a very high ranked player one unlucky game can really damage you.

Anyway to the pure results

From the hard results to the top 10 Clan players. Here the usual caveats apply...Players clans are set when they first play and I do not 'change' clans if the player in question flips from clan to clan unless specifically asked. So with that in mind

Crab Top 10

In what will not doubt be a horrendous affront the heroic Joe From erm looked to have his path to being the top Crab player opened up when MindsDesire switched to Dragon (and asked to be switched or perhaps in this one instance I noticed). All that could prevent him was losing to an equal/lower player in the top 64 and a lower ranked Crab Player perhaps going on a Cup winning streak perhaps getting to the Semi-finals.... Oh look VinceVelorn - of googly eyes fame was a mid 1600 player who went on a winning streak against vastly higher ranked players gained 205 points and pipped Joe to 1st place by a magnificent 13 points.  Next season Joe from US City. Next season ;)

Crane Top 10

Former clan leader Erik had a horrible pod season and has dropped like a rock. Micah was up therer anyway and his winners cup run has helped cement his lead and got him closer to 'Candidate Master' status. Neph had a drastic improvement to second place and Mjothr is a new arrival in the top 10.

Unsurprisingly I am not in the list. I would have to do a bottom 10. Or 5 perhaps to see my magnificent totals.

Dragon Top 10

Still dominated by the strong Kingsley. I still prefer 'BigBellyJarelli' as a name by the way. Curiously, much like the Crane, a lot of the high level Dragons dropped slightly though the outliers taking names in the pods - Khrytos, Chaley and acecase all have made impressive climbs

Lion Top 10

Results here show that Lion is improving either meta wise or player skill wise.

Phoenix Top 10

Much like Lion the Phoenix base seems to be improving at the expense of Dragon and Crane (at least with regards to the best players)

Scorpion Top 10

Quel surprise. The best improvement of all went to Scorpion. Wydwen showed that the way to really drastically improve your score is to start low (1540ish if I remember right) then slap players 200-300 points higher than you all through the winners cup whilst simultaneously beating everyone in your pod at around the same level). Three Scorpions are now within reach of Canidate Master and Wydwen probably needs to replicate Kingsley's path last season to get it.

Unicorn Top 10

Perhaps surprisingly there have been more than ten sighting of those mythical creatures 'Unicorn players' in the league.

Of this list the top two didn't play this season (the +/- is comparing to the previous rating so if you did not play season 2 then it is comparing season 1 to pre-season).

JT_Marsh is actually dropping from the ratings next month and Zaymon will drop the month after. Since neither played it looks like the actually active 1st is Ide Leenath. Close on his heels is Quindo.

So there is the months fresh ratings. Any outliers or discrepancies then please say as errors can (and do ) occur though, to be frank, they usually average out over time..


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