Season 2 Winners Cup: Top 30 Meta

Time for one of those nuts and bolts posts that you will either find fascinating or less exciting than paint drying.

Since some people have expressed an interest in what the top players in the winners cup or meta'ibng around I resolved to throw some statistics together to look. I went straight for the 32 firstly because a large portion of the 64 got in by default so I wanted to trim and secondly because it was easier. There are also only 30 top players compared because two who have been knocked out have delete their decks and I only coded the app this morning..

For those who want an even more in depth look I link at the end some more research carried out by Goateh which covers all 64 in a spreadsheet(s) in depth. For me this is more a proof of concept for validity for  use next season.

Some of the initial analysis involves summary counts that people may not be bothered about so if this is the case then pass by and move straight to the Fate Cards section which contains simpler top lists.

Dynasty Summary

Dynasty Character Counts

Shows the decks with the heaviest use of dynasty characters. Beyond the Scorpions having half low intensity (drop bears presumably) and the other half high the other clans are evenly split.

Dynasty Cost Per Character Card

This is the average cost of all the dynasty characters. I have toyed with adding some 'assumed' logic i.e 1 and 2 costs assume at cost 3 cost assume 1 fate and 4&5 assume 2 but have left the base version at this. Assume a cheaper DCPCH is more a weany deck and less fate reliant.

Dynasty Cost per Card

Not quite the same stat this shows dynasty cost as a total of the entire Dynasty deck. Therefore holdings use reduces cost quite dramatically. Whether the increased chance of drawing multiple holdings outweighs this is up to the player. It should not be assumed though. If you look at the most expensive deck (Jeremy) his cost is an enormour 2.7 (well compared to some of the others) but a look at the holdings shows they only comprise 4 at 10% of his deck. This probably means he is packing both Crane 5 costers and probably a four coster as well. Quick check

and looks like I was right both 5 costers and two 4 costers.

Dynasty Holding Percentages

Similar base stat for holdings used

Fate Summary

Fate Cost Per Card

The Dynasty cost is one you can give or take. The 'Fate Cost Per Card' is actually quite useful in that the less this number is the more efficient your Conflict deck would presumably be. A deck with an expensive Dynasty probably needs a cheaper Conflict and vice versa. If you take our expensive Crane - Jeremy, as an example his Conflict is a nice and Cheap 0.42 counteracting his top heavy Dynasty.

Fate - Top Cards Used

This lists the top fate cards in terms of how many were used in all decks and what percentage that was of the total.

Fate Top Cards % Utilized by Player

If a player uses a card then it counts as utilised so this percentage tracks the amount of players who use a specific card. Court Games is therefore the only card that every single one of the decks used. Perhaps not surprising in that it is easy to use without to many restrictions. ForShame, which is similar, but needs Courtiers only comes in at 65.52% used.

Next up we have the lists of top cards per clan. Three columns for each - total count (how many cards used by all players), totalpercent (what percent of total this is), player usage % (how many of the decks use any instance of the card). These numbers are impacted heavily by numbers. Only two crab decks were recorded so they show a remarkable similarity. Scorpion should be more varied...

Top Crab Cards

Top Crane Cards

Top Dragon Cards

Top Lion Cards

Top Phoenix Cards

Top Scorpion Cards

So there we have it. Stats galore. As promised here is a link to Goateh's more detailed top 64+ analysis. Note - I tend to use screenshots as blogs and documents disappear. I do not control this spreadsheet so it could change or the link could break. Caveat Emptor , or whatever that phrase is...


  1. Count me in the fascinated camp. Thanks for compiling all of this.

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  3. Bloody auto fill. Thanks, I am glad someone is enjoying some of these stat heavy posts


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