Season Three Pods - First Completions! 5,6,10

These tend to be among my favourite posts but I unfortunately do not get a lot of these to do (mainly as most of the pods do not complete fully so people get through with 'games in hand')

Anyway the first pod to complete fully was 6 but we will start with 5 cause its in order and apparently I like order more than I thought I did.

Pod Five

First a couple of enhancements to the old style. Column three is now tracking player activity. This is not always under a players control but if you are put in a pod with a bunch of people with bad activity then you may have difficulty (but also will have an easy time getting default byes) Colour scheme is as follows

Blue - super star player who played every single available game
Green - Active player who played 5-6 of the available games
Orange - Not so active player who played 3-4 of the available games
Red - Inactive player who dropped or played 0-2 of the available games (most players here force dropped at the half way point)

Red boxes will usually contain a FD for 'Force Drop' or a V for 'Volunatary Drop'. Two red boxes in a row and the player will be blocked from the next season (see rules)

Next to that I have combined the new player (yellow background) and the winners cup (grey background with red text indicating the level the player got to and white if that player is currently still active). Then the usual columns from before.

So the winner here is Wydwen who is still going strong in the winners cup with a 7-0 [5-0] record. In second place comes madavaster with 6-1 [4-1] and the two play off bound players are Tsuke 5-2 [3-2] (also still active at a high level in the winners cup) and fellow Lion Seba_stian 4-2 [3-3].

Tsuke and Wydwen are due to play each other in the top 8 a match won by Wydwen in the pod.

Pod Six

Just look at that magnificent see of 'blue' very active flags. Every single possible game was played by every single player. This is wonderful because  a lot of players seem to give up once they have taken a couple of losses so congratulations all (oh and me). The two US based players (FightingWalloon and pimittens deserve extra credit as this was a European pod (pimittens was also EST so even more so).

The pod actually ended on one of the three way ties with round robin head to head records. Goateh lost the first tie breaker to pimttitens and voluntarily withdrew meaning the pod winner is Phoenix player Shiba Takeki 6-1 who holds the direct tie breaker over Crab player pimittens 6-1.

Both Goateh and Abutaan withdrew from the playoffs due to attendence at the Cork Kotei which clashes, which is also very honourable meaning the next two are moved up so KailamPD 3-4 and my rather pathetic 2-5 (though better than the zero wins I usually get) are next up.

Pod Ten

In contrast to the first two we have one of our worst drop pods. Every player in this pod gets through just because four players dropped. This is also why three of the active players have Orange Inactive flags (not their fault due to the drops). Still the remaining players all played every game they could so the pod was competitive which is more than some of the drop pods were last season.

Pod winner was Scorpion SirLargeness 7-0 [3-0] who is also still active in the cup and I suspect his rating will rocket at the end of the month. Second was GobliGuide who managed top 32 in the winners cip. 5-2 [3-2] was enough for top cut. The remaining two are both playoff bound Phoenix1 2-3 [4-3] and Kakita Lenial 1-3 [4-3]

So there we have the first totally complete pods of Season 3. Well done to all players involved.


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