Season Three: Predictions

Another hectic season start is on us with a dual operating winners cup and generic pods in play. As usual I want to make some random inconsequential comments concerning the pods and make a guess as to the eventual winners.

The column list is tag (or name), current id, new id (if I ever get round to deleting dropped and remoging the dead wood and resettting), discord id, whether the player is new, whether the player is in the winners cup and how far they get/got, rating (yellow for good, green for very good, green with red font for extremenly good, green with bold red font for the elite payers), deviation, saved clan, group id, then the match squares

Pod One

With only two new players and five! from the cup this should be a bit of a death pod but isn't. Mainlt as the the player range is remarkably similar with 5 players hovering around the 1500 mark. One below and only two above.  For extra hilarity five of the eight play (pr played in the past) Scorpion. Yuk

Winning predition: qkieu
2nd prediction: Bayushi Yuuji

Pod Two

Another winners cup heavy pod though this is nastier than pod one with three very good and two good players. The new player is also playing Unicorn not likely to challenge this bunch.

Predicting this is horrible as you have 5 players all in close proximity so it could really go anywhere. One thing you can say is that unlike most pods the leaders here will get big boosts from beating equals and little drops for losing to the same so the leaders here will advance up the ratings quickly.

50% playing Scorpion mean that pods one and two will do a good job of lowering the Scorpion totals for everyone else. This is happy news.

Winning predition: Shiba Inu
2nd prediction: ltmechanicus

Pod Three

A newbie pod with four new players and one cup player. Hmm I think yxnyx is Sashinmi so is also a winners cup 64. It is hard to predict pods with lots of new players and it is more risky for the better players as their chances of losses against an unknown are far higher.

Winning predition: nyxnyxnyxnyx (Sashimi Sashimi)
2nd prediction: Jokingly

Pod Four

Only two new and three winners cup should make this an average pod but it has several decent players so is getting to be nasty.

Winning predition: MindsDesire
2nd prediction: Isawa Eujin

Pod Five

This pod would have been easier for new/middling players to win but there is a large amount of Category D players hovering about that might make it more straight forward. I would also like to point out the return (from Season one) of my favourite Crane player (whose name must be shouted) IAMABUNNEH.

Winning predition: Jadiel
2nd prediction: Tsuke

Pod Six

I am delighted to announce that this pod is the easiest for someone of middling ability to get through in. Unfortunately I am not of middling ability so if I do my usual and lose to everyone then I have only myself to blame. Three new players included the 'Real' Batman and three middle of the pack players, one known good and erm me, mean this is an open pod.

Winning predition: Goateh
2nd prediction: pimittens

Pod Seven

Another pod half full of new peeps and half full of winners cup peeps. Saying that I am not quite sure is Oryx Wild is Shosuro Wild or not. If it is then another cup player joins the crew and the new player total drops.

Winning predition: Erik
2nd prediction: Heinzel

Pod Eight

Like pod seven but less so....This is also the pod of the average man - 'Kevin', 'Bill', 'Jeremy' (and their dog 'TheGreatWestie) deserve outstanding awards for innovative discord names. Fortunately Flaffnutter and Tubzilla are their to show them what they are missing in innovation.

Winning predition: bill.jr   (dont fail me this time!)
2nd prediction: Jeremy

Pod Nine

Four new players will make this possible nasty on the decent players (should they lose) but this could end up by the book or get utterly flung about. Note how for several pods Pods one and Two taking oddles of Scorpion players makes these pods leather free zones.

Winning predition: Daidoji_Micah
2nd prediction: Isawa Toreadory

Pod Ten

This is a remarkably open pod a bit like my own pod six. Many opportunities for players to rehabilitate their ratings and get some wins in.

Winning predition: SirLargeness
2nd prediction: Goblin Guide

Pod Eleven

Urk the second death pod. three players 'over' 1700? and a good spread of Clans. This likely to help the winners rating enormously but hurt everyone elses.

Winning predition: Shenful
2nd prediction: Togashi Komhl

Pod Twelve

This seasons death pod with two above 1800! and two more 1700 and everyone else new. What was said for eleven appies here but worse. Should any of the new players turn out to be great and winning games then the lead players here will suffer badly. Equally beating any of those green flagged players will really accelerate the ratings of the existing or the new.

Winning predition: BryonKran
2nd prediction: Mirumoto Kai

Pod Thirteen

After the horror of twelve we have the much gentler thirteen. The two leaders should win but as most of the rest is lower than 1500 it should provide much closer matches for those guys.

Winning predition: Kingsley
2nd prediction: FlyingZergling

Pod Fourteen

Too many new players makes this hard especially as the rest are all sup 1500. Much like pod thirteen but more random. Unfortunately for those three new players if they beat any of the others bar Chut then their ratings will not increase that much. Revenge of the existing player base

Winning predition: Chutereve
2nd prediction: Cannot say

Pod Fifteen

These last pods are much of a sameness. This one is harder than the previous two but not by much

Winning predition: Kiramode
2nd prediction: Kaza

Pod Sixteen

Another difficult pod (though not quite a death pod). No new players and five in the cup. Only three above 1600 thouhg and of the rest two are above 1500. This could go in any direction.

Winning predition: sruman
2nd prediction: Demagogue

So there we have it. Good luck to all pods and now to get a cup of tea.


  1. My name in pod 3 is sla_dreamer, but usually go by my discord league name kibagami Jubei. So quite new just not that good.

  2. thanks for the update which means one less new account to create...


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