Changes to Ratings

Hi all, just a quick post on some of the (minor) changes in how I report the ratings moving forward.

First up the drop percentage is not dropping so league ratings get rapidly clogged up with non-active players. Therefore from now on only active players will have their ratings published in the list at the end of the month. This does not mean that inactive players will lose their ratings, these still exist on the database and should that player play again then he/she can jump right in where they left off. An 'active' player is defined as a player who completes the current league season (not just the cup). Players who drop whether voluntarilly or forced (by playing less than the league minimum three games at the mid point) are not active and will  not appear in the lists.

This means that the top tens will be the top ten active players allowing a larger percentage of the player base to have something to aim for.

The other change I am considering is more cosmetic. I usually list the active players (up too now this has been those who played in at least one of the last three seasons) then the top of clans.  I will now list players by arbitary division a'la Starcraft. All active players will be split into 5 equalish sized divisions - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. In Blizzard terms these relate to New, Average, Fairly Skilled, Very Skilled and Extremely Skilled. The top players get to chase ever higher ratings (and the elusive Grand Master level) so this will hopefully give some of the more  lower ranked players something else to aim for ('promotion' from say Bronze to Silver). Essentially though this is cosmetic so I will try it out and see if people like or hate it..

Cheers for reading..


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