February 2018 League Ratings

It's that time again. Firstly lets take a quick look at the top 10's

Firstly the top ten contains three new Candiate Masters - Wydwen, Minds Desire and Bayushi Nomen. All players will be in the Diamond division as the top of the top (mostly tier 1 though the last three will probably be tier two as the tiers are around six-seven players strong this month. This wont make much sense to anyone who hasn't read the end of this post so just roll with it)

Micah and Eujin are hovering just outside the Candidate Master level. All these players are under intense pressure to retain their rating - if you look at the previous Kingpin Kingsley he dropped a small amount though could also be said to be well placed to gain more points next season. Apart from Unicorn there is also a good spread of clans in the top 10.

Clan Top 10's


As predicted a random new starter did really well and managed to take first place in the Crab listings from Joe who , not making it easy for this to carry on occurring, managed to increase his rating as well.


Not a bad showing from Crane with Micah leading the pack. Another new boy 'General Tacitus' challenged for top but was not quite strong enough to upset the leader.


Minds Desire knocked Kingsley out of the cup this season and also off his perch as top Dragon with quite a lead as well. Dragon as a top 10 group seems to have done worse than some of the other clans considering the red outnumbers the green.


Bill jr is still sitting pretty with PhoenixFox generating the most impressive ratings adjustment I think I have seen so far.


Sotomatic was a zombiecorn this season so his rating drop is clan related (as an aside it would be interesting to see the avergae drop zombiecorns had whilst playing Uniciorn which could then relate to a perceived ratings imbalance standard Unicorns could consider they currently suffer under)


Unsurprisingly dominated by Wydwen with SirLargeness playing Zombiecorn. JDSauce had a strong pod run but lost to the much lower ranked GoblinGuide in the cup so explaining the ratings drop. The unusual amount of red is rather peversley an example of Scorpions strength as most of the players losing rating lost to an even ranked player in the cup.


Still looks in a sad place.

So where are the full ratings? Not here. Firstly all active players have been split into 5 divisions. These are (with conceptual equivelants)

Bronze - Casual Players
Silver - Competitive Players
Gold - Stronger Players
Platinum - StrongPlayers
Diamond - Very Strong Players

Strength is used as a reference as I don't like 'skill' as a high ranking usually indicates this but could also indicate luck/ deck meta levels (so a low Unicorn player is not 'less skilled'). 'Strength at winning matches' seems a more neutral and realistic phrase..

Moving on each division has also been split into tiers indicated by icons 'borrowed' from Starcraft 2. There are four tiers which split each division.

The reason for this is to provide some more colour and to give something for all players to aim for. The elite players have high cup rankings and master status to work for whilst the higher players have increasing their cup placements but there is little for the lower ranked players to aim for so the intention is to give a rough skill band that they can look at improving. It could either be to improve their position (each division is individually ranked so you could aim to move from 20th place in the division to 15th or to climb a tier in that division). When improved further a player could look at moving to a higher division.

There are no arbitary bands for the divisions and the ratings now show only active players so being placed in the bottom of bronze just means you are in the lower section of 'active' players. Include inactives and you would appear much higher.

So someone will be asking where the hell are they. All the ratings will now permanently sit at the new website http://shirodaidoji.com

This is a live site with no historical data beyond the hall of fame. You can check out the individual divisions or just your placement in your clan (something else perhaps to aim for if looking for reasons to carry on playing). It still has a few visual things to sort out, for example only half the adjustment changes are showing up - so ignore those as well.

The Division tier symbols are a little small so if you click on them a rather badly designed dialog will appear with a larger version so the differences are more obvious.

The reason the top 10's might still get posted here is that firstly that website is not mobile friendly (I could spend the time getting it to display on both but probably will not) and secondly that it is a paid site so when it stops being paid it will disappear as if it never existed and this blog is a free google one so should last a lot longer. History is useful.

Anyway I hope players like the new site. Next post should be the previews for Season Five.


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