Season 3 Winners Cup: Top 30 Meta

Time for a meta post. Let's start with Dynasty and cost per character

So general points are that most of the Scorpion are running cheap Dynasty presumably to afford their Drop bears Kacikos and AFWTD. Dragon tends to be expensive but from what I remember they have the cheapest conflict decks to match.

Next up Fate Cost Per Card (FCPC) which is a more useful metric

Reinforces the general expensive Scorpion drop bear popularity. Phoenix and Dragon tend to have cheaper Conflicts with Crane and Lion spread over the range.

And now for everyone's favourite. Has the most popular card changed this cup? Nope

So Court Games still rules as the most general purpose card used by the best. Assassination has taken a jump from 8th most used last season to second but the top cards are generally the same with Mirumotos unsurprisingly being the top distinct clan card with AFWTD climbing the ratings mainly as Crane players start using it as well.

Now for the Clan totals.


Crab seem to be one of the more varied clans in terms of cards used



No doubt helped by Kingsley and MindsDesire using identical decks Dragon is one of the least varied


Lion on the other hand were the  most varied clan with no card used by everyone.



 Scorpion were the most varied (after Lion) though that is also due to amount of players..


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