Discord League Drop Totals

Some random number crunching has produced the following chart.

Exciting! you bet.

Quick column list

Season name: Names the Season.
Total Player Count: Total players in that season. Give or take one or two
Total Post Drops: Total players who dropped at the end of the season (ratio of players in season)

We then loop

Season: Each season has a column listing player count per season. So season 1 players comprised 17% of Season 3 and 10% of Season 5.
Season Dropped During: Players from that season group who were force dropped or voluntary dropped during the season.
Season Dropped After: Players from that season who dropped after the season finished

Those interested might be able to mine some interesting nuggets from the numbers.

Don't forget the numbers of dropped dont include returns so it is quite possible to have 20% of a seasons players drop and 12% return from a previous season meaning the end figure would be 8%. Force Drop also wasn't a thing in the Pre-Season and though players dropped during Season 1 I did not track it.


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