Season 4 Winners Cup Clan Participation Rates

So what general comments can we make concerning the Clans in Season 4

Crab - Average numbers but actually had the biggest chance of getting through to the 64. Retained that advantage in the 32 before it got hurt in the 16

Crane - Most popular pod clan. Slightly more likely to get through to the 64 but did very well once there and is (currently) the most dominant clan with only the deadly enemy in the same zone.

Dragon - Above average player participation but not so successful at making the cut and has seen its players lose more consistently as the Top Rounds progress.

Lion - Below Average pod participation so contining the 'no one likes the loud mouths' dislike of Lion. Either that or L5R players are always pissed and the bright yellows hurt the eyes. Exactly the same percentage got through to the cup but those that got there have actually done extremely well. Lion matches the jump in numbers made by the Crane so has been a big success so far.

Phoenix - Popular pod clan but only the league average got through to the cup and it has not been a success for those that did get there.

Scorpion - Second most popular pod clan with (after Crab) the biggest percentage increase of players in the 64. Been increasingly successful through the rounds so far

Unicorn - Numbers boosted by the zombiecorns they almost made the average. Did around as badly as Phoenix at getting into the cup and were wiped out to a horse in the top 64 so the zombiecorn experiment proved a failure with the current active cards.


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