Season 5 Pod Results

the Lion Clan. Unexpectedly irritating. Sometimes.

As usual only a few of the pods have fully completed (around four) with another six not complete but any results are quantifiable (i.e IF all games are played then results will not change. If games are not played then those players will drop and the results will all change). So here is a brief recap (proviso these spreadsheets are manually updated. The ratings and the spreadsheets are all automatic. If they differ then they are correct and this is wrong).

Pod Three

The 1st place player appears to be bill.jr with an impressive 100% win rate. Jokingly should get through to the 64 automatically with SirLargeness more on the cusp. The Schmooz should be play in round bound. As with most 'two drop' pods only two of the active players fail to get in with four making the cut.

Pod Four

Huzza, only two drops. Joe From Cincinnnnati wins the pod easily with a couple of good ratings wins in there as well.Second place is FlyingZergling and Kakita Leniel and Kaza getting to the playin

Pod Five

Not quite done yet but three drops makes this an easy pod to get out of (only one active player fails to make it). 1st place is still not decided due to the last game and the fact we appear to have potentially three 6-1 records. So new player Zavros (Greek or just likes kebabs?), Handsome_Dan and old hand Anemone are the leaders. Masashigi will definitely get to the play in or possible higher.

Pod Seven

ltmechanicus makes first place by virtue of a hopefully correct head to head with equal 6-1 record acecase. Yanted is through as is LGB regardless as to the last game result. Notable is acecase with a 6-1 record including four actual wins as Unicorn. This either means pigs are flying or that Unicorn can be competitive or that I have the wrong clan on the spreadsheet.

Pod Eleven

A mere one drop. Dragon player Seth swept the board in what was an average (in ratings pod) but will still climb aggressively. Wharrison will take 2nd place so may avoid the playin. Guilbrand, glaiveguy and Awaken all shared losses and have equal 4-3 results for the play in round.

Pod Fourteen

Shiba Inu (sandybell) has swept this pod as his rating says he should have done. 2nd place is going to Hida Damabiah with 5-2 and Kakita Minto and Proposition Dirk getting through to the playin. With zero drops those two last named will be high seeded for the playin round.

Pod Eighteen

The most glorious pod of all...Two drops so the standard four go though. Pod winner will be dependant on the last game (if it occurs) Yaba, Goateh and Demagogue will have two 6-1s and one 5-2 between them with unbeleivably weak player 'me' actually making it to the playins no doubt giving an easy game to whoever is lucky enough to be paired with me.

Pod Nineteen

Four drops make this a vomit worthy pod as everyone makes it regardless as to what they do (unless they dont play their remaining games which would serve them right). With each of those four managing a single loss against an actual player who knows who will get in first and who will be ignomiously forced to the playins. It does raise the interesting point that a 5-2 from this pod is actually a 1-2. Do they get a higher seeding than a 4-3? Anyway qkieu, PolicyDebateMe (no thanks), Elvee (isn't this a pokemon) and Heinzel are all through.

Pod Twenty One

Three drops so only one poor sod fails to make it. Raphael a 'new' Crane sweeps the board including a win over Kinglsy which is either good news for his rating or I clicked the wrong color for that game... Kingsley is easily 2nd place with Dr4kWolf definitely hitting the play in.

Pod Twenty Two

Another two dropper (thankfully most of the droppers were evenly spread). 1st place looks like it goes to nyxnyxnyx (dodgy manual updating aside). Micah took an unpleasant rating loss to nyx but comes in a clean second. Hos (deep South Deputy Sherrif?) is 3rd and probably wont avoud the play in with Toreadory scuttling into the play in round by the skin of his teeth.

So there are all the obvious pods. Any mistakes are my fault and I wont be changing the update so gnash your teeth merrily in private and happily reflect that the spreadsheet is automated..


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