Season 5 Pods/ Season 4 cup half way point report

It is time for a quick update on events in the league.

Firstly the cup has moved past the kitten killer stages as  the better players execute their lesser ranked brethren. Except that there were some extreme giant killings occurring in the top 64. Giant Killings are where a very highly ranked player is beaten by a much lower this really, really hurts the giants rating and vastly increases the lower player. We have

ex Crane number 1 Erik (Crane , 1572) beating the Dragon Player PhoenixFox (1841). Erik has been forced below his actual rank in the last season of two so will be a threatening presence moving forward. Erik managed top 16 in the recent Paris Kotei so seems to be settling back into form again.

Fordream (Scorpion, 1595) beat Akis 'Scorpion King' (Scorpion 1843) in what was probably an unpleasant mirror match. The 'Scorpion King' is a relatively new player who did very well last season. Some times players explode up the rankings in their first season (due to the 1500 start point not relating well to their actual strength) and then get reset slightly in the next season. The pods don’t give us much more indication either way with fordream having managed an impressive zero games so far. Akis has managed 3 losing only to Erik (above) which tells us nothing of strength.

Phoenix1 (Phoenix, 1474) beat Jacek Be (Crane, 1752)  Jacek managed top 64 in the previous cup but seems to be having some difficulty moving forward.

Kakita Leniel (Crane, 1523) beat Nakezuma (Scorpion, 1770). Leniel also managed top 64 last cup but has gone (so far) one better this time.

Equally we have had some great ratings booster games. To really increase the ELO you need to beat players at or higher than yourself. So for players at the top of the strength charts we have already seen

Pimittens (Crab 1762) beating Kingsley (Dragon, 1871)
Daidoji Micah (Crane beating Shiba Inu (Phoenix, 1830)

Looking forward there is a big ratings match when Candidate Master Bayushi Nomen (Scorpion, 2006) takes on relative new comer Enegon (Crab, 1932). This would be a good chance to overtake current league number 1 Wydwen except for events in the pods


Here several more of our Elite players have had unlucky losses (or met a skilled badly rated new comer)
Kingsley has taken one from new player Raphelos (Crane, 1500). Now Raphelos as four wins so far and no losses so could be the latest 'Minds Desire' to spring from the ranks of the new players. Daidoji Micah has also taken a much less painful loss to Nyxnyxnyx (Scorpion, 1851). 

Elsewhere Shiba Inu (7-0), Bill.jr (6-0) and MindsDesire (6-0) all seem to be sweeping their pods clean.

From results so far allowing Cup wins continue we could see MindsDesire and Bayushi Nomen fighting for  1st place in the league with some of his closest competitors having to win further just to prevent themselves falling behind.

Finally don’t forget the half way point is getting close so lots of force drops will occur very soon….


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