Season 5 Previews

With due sense of awe and dread here are the pod previews for season 5. Due to increased numbers there are 22 pods I now have to find innovative ways to insult.

As usual I have adjusted all the columns for the amusement value. We now have

Name or Tag
Player Id
Drop (this column tracks players who are forced dropped or voluntarily drop so will be empty at start)
D - Division Icon
v - As the division icon is small this just lists the division initial and tier.
Ss2 Cup - Season 2 cup result
Ss3 Cup - Season 3 cup result
S4 Cup -  Season 4 cup - WC indicated wild card and 64 direct to 64.

With all the cups white text indicates still active and red knocked out

Rating - the, erm, rating
Clan - Self explanatory?

Pod One

With two Diamond and two platinum players who all have been consistently active in the cups this is a hard pod to be in.

Pod Two

Pod Two is actually fairly even with most players being in range of each other.pimittens should win out but the rest of the cup slots could go anywhere.

Pod Three

If I had to guess the three tops will stomp through this like a combine harvestor through corn. Plus some of the big three will be losing even matches so this pod could be a ratings buster as well (and a pusher for the winner).

Pod Four

Joe is the obvious quality here but with only one new player and every other player having at least reached a cup this could be nasty if he loses to any of the others.

Pod Five

The two diamonds should dominate if it wasn't for the four new players. Any of who could be the next suprise ratings winner.

Pod Six

Another nice even pod. Cant call it in any direction.

Pod Seven

7 person pod after a duplicate entry and another even pod with no monster players.

Pod Eight

Travis should get through but we have another!! even pod. This must mean some poor sod is surrounded by Diamond players..

Pod Nine

Bayushi Nomen (Krane) should dominate this. The other places will go anywhere.

Pod Ten

Urk 2 Diamond and a tier 1 platinum. The horde of newbies might upset the stronger players but this is very similar to Pod Three

Pod Eleven

Guess what put the following words in the correct order 'pod, even , another'. All to play for.

Pod Twelve

MindsDesire should win easily enough. Other places are pleasantly even. Again. Khrytos must have an alogrythm to stop me getting anything useful to say.

Pod Thirteen

Broken record. See 80% of the other pods so far.

Pod Fourteen

A pod of active players with a lot of cup experience though Shiba Inu is the obvious quality.

Pod Fifteen

Take the Scorpion King away and this is an even pod. The Scorp King though was new last season so his rating might take a tumble this one (sometimes happens)

Pod Sixteen

Guess what I am going to say. Look at those ratings. I wont bother you already know

Pod Seventeen

Wosho and Chut  should dominate. If the pod gets a 3rd 4-3 it could be anyone

Pod Eighteen

Though yaba is the quality he is not that much higher then the three platinums. So the pod is hard but not nasty. I like it. Cause I'm in it.

Pod Nineteen

Yeah a pod of death at last with no less than three Diamond players. I rather like the fact we have had three pods (so far) where three high ranked players get the chance to drastically increase their ratio at the expense of their equals.

Pod Twenty

And just to run it in a very similar pod to 19 with another three diamond. Same text applies

Pod Twenty One

Kingsley and firesa are the expected dominant players. There is probably a third 4-3 in their which could be any of them

Pod Twenty Two

Two good quality diamonds mean the pod winners should be simple to see. The rest will probably be competing for a possible third cup slot.

Phew. Possibly the most boring one done yet.  The pods all fell into two groups either 'anyones' or ' 2-3 elite who can gain/lose rating' which is good.


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