March 2018 League Ratings

It's that time again. Ratings are now up on the sister site

For here lets take our usual leisurely  stroll through the top 10's of most clans.


He has finally done it. JoeFromSomeCityinAmerciathatSoundslikecinnamonish has pushed all those other fist players out of the way and taken his place as the leading Crab in the Discord League universe. Which is basically everywhere. Most of the top Crabs took a jump forward with the exception of Enegon who after a sterling climb last season was hurt by three pod losses.


Daidoji Micah retained his first place as top dog long legged bird with two new players taking advantage of favourable ratings jumps leaping up to 2nd and 3rd. FlyingZergling, Chutereve and Erik all gained big ratings jumps from either solid pod play (FlyingZergling) or deep Cup runs (Erik and Chutereve)


An unbeaten cup and League  record allowed MindsDesire to increase his rating by almost one hundred points. If he does equally well in the Invitational then we could have our first Master. Things are precarious at the top though. Surprise of the league is 'Seth' who by winning all pod games managed an impressive 526 point jump to second place.


Bill.jr holds 1st place here slightly above Toreadory who should really be in the Crane section. Elsewhere KailamPD put together an impressive 330 point increase by doing very well in pods. The rest of the Lions all dropped slightly?


Phoenix did well with most senior players posting small increases. Though none are at Candidate Master status (or that close) that will probably change as we all welcome our new Phoenix overlords until the 3rd Quarter arrives this year.


Scorpion still control two Candidate Masters. Though I should have 'removed' Wydwen as he didn't play this month he was allowed in due to his rather exceptional record. Nomen managed to sneak his rating slightly higher so with MindsDesire they are the first Candidate Masters to remain in this status.


Has a rather disappointing list. Though look the lead player has a rating over 1600 and increased his rating. Whatever he is doing other Unicorns need to copy. Unless I have the clan wrong and he is actually playing Scorpion (or neutral Wandering Ronin decks) in which case don't...


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