Invitational Preview - fordream Scorpion yojimbo

Fordream started in season 2 and is a U.S player from San Francisco, California.

Season 2

Had a strong start with a 5-1 actual (6-1 with drops)

Wins vs Crane Gomes [1500], Crane Agadeem [1500], Unicorn Yujifrazer [1347], Scorpion Athos [1500], Scorpion Jadiel [1646]

Losses vs Phoenix Isawa Eujin [1793]

Season 2 Cup

Which was followed by a reasonable run (getting past the meh 64 round) but was then stopped by a fellow Scorpion.

T64 beat Dragon OzilGoazil [1648]
T32 lost to Scorpion Shosuro Sakuya

Season 3 - Start Rating 1769

In a strong pod (1 1800+ 2 1700+ and 1 1600+) Season 3 showed a 3-2 actual (5-2 with drops) which was good enough for 2nd place and that important automatic place in the cup. The Shenful and Komhl wins did a decent job of countering the losses.

Wins vs Crab Athra [1085], Scorpion Shenful [1874], Dragon Togashi Komhl [1780]
Losses vs Phoenix Spitfiremoe [1500], Crane Asashina Neph [1611]

Season 3 Cup

The lack of pod players in 3 meant that he then had a match against an evens player in the cup and lost out to Lion Tenerim.

T64 lost to Lion Tenerim [1750]

Season 4 - Start Rating 1733

Had a bit of a mare in Season 4 with another hard pod with 2 +1800 , 2 +1700s and a 1600  eventual going 2-4 ( 1 of the losses dropped so was flipped to a win meaning an end result with drops of 4-3 actual getting to the cup)

Wins vs Crane Kakita Onimaru [1500], Unicorn Quindo [1393]
Losses vs Phoenix Kiramode [1861], Crab Joe From Cincinnati [1800], Crab the lazyninja [1723] (flipped to a win), Phoenix Travis Fights Dragons [1630]

Season 4 Cup

Though the weak pod score impacted cup seeding he won the wild card match and eventually managed the T32 before being knocked out by Chut.

Wild Card beat Crane Fyeya [1603]
T64 beat Scorpion Akis 'Scorpion King' [1843]
T32 lost to Crane Chutereve [1682]

Season 5 - Start Rating 1595

Took a 1-1 before dropping/being force dropped for inactivity. The rating had been thumped by the losses in Season 4.

Wins vs Lion Chris Negrin [1500]
Losses vs Crab action_johnny [1770]


Returning for the LCQ he went on a very strong run currently arriving playing in the T4.

T64 beat Phoenix Kaza [1747]
T32 beat Crane Asashina Neph [1828]
T16 beat Crane Fyeya [1603]
T8 beat Scorpion Bayushi Nomen [2006] (Nomen conceded as already through) 
T4 vs Scorpion Sliski [1700]

Fordream gets into the invitaitonal by getting to the top 4 of the last chance qualifier.

As always we have the  much more interesting player questionnaire

Did you play a lot of Original L5R? and if so how long/when

I unfortunately never played O5R, wish I had. 

Do/have you played other competitive card games at a high level?

I spiked a MTG PTQ in the late nineties, but being a poor kid from the middle of nowhere I couldn't afford to fly to NY and play in the big event. So it goes.

What were your experiences of the Discord League – any highlights ?

The discord community is really awesome, there are a number of really considerate players that have been super kind and helped me work on lists, given me advice on matchups, and how to manage the swings of the game. Thank you all. 

Do you have any advice for the other lower ranked players?

Be kind to yourself, don't get too down when you lose, this is something that I struggle with all the time. Also, something else I have struggled with in the past and have actually overcome is always seek to play against players who are better than you, I could name at least 10 people in this community that I would always play against, people whom I think are more well rounded complete players than I am. Find those people and play them, it makes you better. 

What is there that you like/dislike about new L5R and what would you like (or not like) to see moving forward.

HOT AND SPICY TAKES: All the districts and the imperial palace should be banned, charge is ridiculously broken and should probably be banned, and the new phoenix box is just better than everything else in the game RN. Once phoenix players optimize their lists and learn how to maximize the abuse of the flash box they are almost always going to be able to trade up and get insane amounts of incremental advantage – fite me. <3  

What are your favourite/least favourite matchups?

The scorpion mirror is my favorite match. Anything that is decided by DH usually has a lot of play and decision making points. Also crab splash for life.


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