Invitational Preview -Shiba Inu Phoenix Spellcaster

Shiba Inu joined the discord league in the pre-season and is a Syrian, born in the UAE who currently lives and studies in Germany. He is also a Phoenix Hatamoto gained by going 6-1 in the Paris Kotei.


Gained a 2-0 record in the rest season

Wins vs Crab Jokingly [1500], Lion Sillham [1500]

Season 2 - Start Rating 1724

3-1 actual (6-1 with drops) was a decent start to Season 2.

Wins vs Dragon Kevin [1500], Dragon Lt Darien [1500], Lion Tenerim [1724]

Losses vs Dragon Mirumoto Kai [1500]

Season 2 Cup

Bumping into the eventual winner 1st round was perhaps less than fortunate.

T64 lost to Scorpion Wydwen [1541]

Season 3 - Start Rating 1777

The next season started well with a 5-2 actual record, which was enough for 2nd place and an auomatic qualification in what was a 'difficult' pod with 5 plus 1600 level players. The loss versus Wosho would hurt ratings levels.

wins vs Dragon Calimsha [1635], Unicorn Ide Leenath [1500], Crane ltemechanicus [1758], Scorpion Yaba [1751], Scorpion Shosuro Kiseki [1434]
Losses vs Dragon OzilGoazil [1648], Scorpion Wosho [1384]

Season 3 Cup

The decent pod showing was enhanced by a strong cup run with Scorpion nemesis Wydwen knocking him out in the quater finals.

T64 beat Phoenix spitfiremoe [1565]
T32 beat Scorpion Oryx Wild [1818]
T16 beat Crane Daidoji Micah [1926]
T8 lost to Scorpion Wydwen [2066]

Season 4 - Start Rating 1729

A strange pod with a 2-2 record (5-2 with drops) though I haven't managed to track who that 2nd loss was too.

Wins vs Crab Rhyder [1500], Crane Fyeya [1630]
losses vs Lion firesa [1642]

Season 4 Cup

The weird drop dtatus of the pod lowered Inu's seeding and he had to move through the wildcard luckily getting a Unicorn 1st round. Unfortnately the Gods of Five Rings promptly evened things and made him play Micah next round which went less well.

Wildcard beat Unicorn Kibosh [1375]
T64 lost to Crane Daidoji Micah [1996]

Season 5 - Start Rating 1830

He dominated his pod in Season 5 with an impressive 7-0 rating easily taking 1st place.

Wins vs Crab Damabiah [1465], Crane Kakita Minto [1600], Crane Zephid [1500], Dragon PropositionDirk [1430], Lion Akodo Grim[1320], Scorpion RussianText [1520], Scorpion Aethusium [1351]

Season 5 Cup

But the sterling results failed to continue and though highly seeded he lost to lower ranked Crane Kakita Leniel in the Top 64.

T64 lost to Crane Kakita Leniel [1524]


He played well in the LCQ though..

T64 beat Crab Blindcrow [1700]
T32 beat Dragon qkieu [1804]
T16 beat Lion Handsome Dan [1824]
T8 beat Lion Grrrraaaahhhh [1816]
T4 vs Scorpion shenful [1718]

Shiba Inu gets through to the Invitational by means of reaching the last 4 in the Last Chance Qualifier. Though he also has lots of points from past cup visits (especially Season 3). Here are the answers provided to the questionnaire.

Did you play a lot of Original L5R? and if so how long/when

I did not. In fact, my only experience with L5R was through the RPG, which I played in a few campaigns in, and almost always as a Kakita samurai.

Do/have you played other competitive card games at a high level?

No. I consider myself a competent Magic the Gathering player, especially in limited formats, but I never bothered going for competitive play too strongly (other than the odd PPTQ). I was happier playing casual kitchen table commander with my friends.

What were your experiences of the Discord League – any highlights ?

I quite enjoy the discord league. I think it's a very well set up, well oiled engine. That being said, I do not really have any high or low lights in the league. I just play my games, and do my best to win.

Do you have any advice for the other lower ranked players?

My best advice for lower ranked or new players is to play a standard list for your deck with minimal jank. When playing, try and focus on mastering the basics of the game. Ie. fate management, how to attack and defend, and what rings to go for. Also an important skill is knowing when NOT to attack.

What is there that you like/dislike about new L5R and what would you like (or not like) to see moving forward.

I really like how complex the game is to a big extent. I like how every game/matchup is a puzzle that needs to be solved. That being said, I dislike cards that have little to no counterplay around (Such as AFWTD). I think such trump cards should be limited to allow for comeback potential, but not able to close out the game all on their own.

What are your favourite/least favourite matchups?

I do not really have a particular favorite matchup. I enjoy playing the game in general. That being said, I think the least fun/skillful matchup in the game at the moment is the phoenix mirror. In this meta, the winning phoenix player is generally one who gets his Tadaka on board first (Or kanjo/Favor). Of course, you can build your deck to deal with the phoenix mirror specifically (By adding Secluded shrine/meddling mediator), but that will make your deck slightly worse vs other matchups.


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