Late April Results

Are up on the new site. As is the new 'new' a quick summary of the top 10s will now appear


Joe loses his number 1 crab spot to action_johnny mainly due to ajs run to top 16 than anything much else. Short ratings season and all...Jokingly also dropped due to losses against lower ranks.


Continuing that theme Daidoji Micah loses his number 1 spot to new Greek player Rahpelos though there is not a lot in it. As is fitting a strong cup run from a lower ranked player SlyNight forces his way to 3rd.


No change at the top for MindsDesire but both Seth (who had an enormous points increase last season) and Mirumoto Kai were knocked down a bit putting Kingsley back in second.


Another no change with bill.jr retaining his top placement.


Shiba Inu's results hardly changed but Demagogue's strong LCQ push smashed him into 1st place. Also of note is VoidCircuit who has not played since Season 2 (if I remember correctly) but increased rating this time quite aggressively


Wydwen is still perched at the top but nyx moves into 2nd place as the 3rd Scorpion Candidate Master. Shenful and fordream also advance a lot and double Kotei winner Sliski has a strong start rating..


Sigh. No change here but next season we may get a top 10 as we have plenty of Unicorn players entered..


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