Weirdly Timed June Results

Bit of a red letter month this month as we have our first ever Full Master (U.S) - Minds Desire who has managed the almost impossible and gained 2232 points moving him to Full Master status. Not to put the pressure on but that is 'only' 168 points below Grand Master...

Additionally, after a good Invitational run, Bayushi Nomen increased his score to an impressive 2097 and we welcome a new Candidate Master in Shenful (on the back of another good invitational run) at 2078 points.

Some of the clans seem to have randomly adjusted so if this affects you then 'oops'

Top 10's now follow until I can post the full list updates (unlikely to be until later in the week as I am seriously overloaded this week enough so that this may be the last time the ratings are done in this format)


After the shocking aberation of 'Action Johnny' becoming top Crab normal service is resumed as Joe retakes his top position


Micah still rules the Crane roost especially as close challenger Raphelos now appears to be in Phoenix?


Gaining 92 points as the highest ranked player in the world is impressive especially as a single loss to anyone will send that score crashing. Bill takes second place after apparently not playing Lion


Bill leaving for greener pastures (get it) means that Handsome Dan is the new top Lion.


What can we say about Phoenix beyond that their mon looks like a futuristic star ship? Raphelos (ex-Crane) sneaks Anemone (ex-Scorpion) to the top slot over Shiba Inu (always Phoenix) who will be, no doubt, pissed off by this fact.


Nomen's cements his position as top Scorp though Shenful is proving strong in 2nd place. nyx increased his score on league games only so has not been tested this season in the same manner as the remaining top 4 were in the Invitational.


Excellent news for Unicorn in that they managed 10 top 10 players (last month they had 4). Leenath takes first place and increased his rating (he also did well at the Birmingham Grand Kotei). Makes you wonder what he could do with decent cards who aren't armed with plastic swords.

So there we go...


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